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Detox Box £10

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2 Apples (high in nutrients and vitamins)
2 Oranges (antioxidants & Vit C)
Lemon (liver detoxifying properties, Vit C)
1/2 Melon (high electrolyte content, healing and replenishing)
70g Kale (good for kidneys, full of antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties)
Sweet Potato (full of vitamins and antioxidants)
500g Carrots (lots of vitamins, powerful cleansing properties)
500g Parsnips (fiber, vitamins, and minerals, may aid weight loss)
Piece of Ginger (helps flush out the toxins)
1/4 White Cabbage (cleanses the liver)
White Onion (liver detoxifying properties)
Red Onion (liver detoxifying properties)


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Detox Box £10

Detox Box £10

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